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We are running an optic using a rough cut pattern and this has been successful, we are using a .040 mm X spacing.  When we attempt our finish cut of .012mm X spacing the tool no longer follows the correct form.  The more the X spacing is reduced the greater the tool path error is.

We are using v.4.30

Are we doing something wrong?
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It all looks OK in the current version (v.4.72), and I was about to blame it on your imported data, but when I tried it in your v.4.30, I found the problem.
The ‘Steady X’ calculation in v.4.30 is not working correctly with small X-Increment sizes and steep surfaces. 

In that version, there was an attempt to speed up the ‘Steady X’ calculation by setting a limit on the number of points it examined across the tool.
This was OK for a typical X-increment size of, say 0.01mm, on a gentle curve.  But unfortunately it misses points when you have a smaller X-increment or the contact point is a long way from the center of the tool.  This wasn’t spotted until later.

1)  You could possibly switch off ‘Steady X’, and use the ‘Normal’ method.   However the tool will oscillate more, and slow the machine down.
2)  Alternatively, you would have to purchase an upgrade from Precitech precitech.diffsyssales@ametek.com
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